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post-title Office Furniture Removals Randburg

Office Furniture Removals Randburg

Office Furniture Removals Randburg

Office Furniture Removals Randburg

Office Furniture Removals in Randburg

Office Furniture Removals in Randburg Johannesburg are your service, whenever you need to move offices. Whether you are a small scale business or a medium scale business, there comes a time when you outgrow your office space and you will need to move to a new office, it could be in the same location or a different location.

It is always a traumatic experience for both employers and employees but if you plan in advance far enough, the transition will be smooth and less stressful on the business and the employees. If you want the move to go without a hitch, there are some tips you have to take note of, and one of the most important ones is to make sure that you have a reputable Randburg office furniture removal company to help you out.

 Proper planning must be done

As it is with every undertaking, to move to a new office space, proper planning must be done far ahead of time. A lot of thinking should be done and a lot of questions should be asked i.e. do you intend to move during the weekday while also going through your normal daily business and allow it to have a little distraction from your daily work or do you intend to move on a weekend so there that will be minimal distraction on your business in accordance with the local law of your area or that of your present office complex. Leave, auction or give to charity organization piece of furniture you won’t need in your new office.

The feeling is always there to move everything from your old office to your new office, try as much as possible to filter out things you won’t need in your new office by taking note of them over time as this cannot be done in a day. To do this effectively, you have to convey this message to all your staff so they will be prepared.

Also before the move, make sure each of your staff knows his or her responsibilities towards the packing and the supervision of his or her desk or office room if it is segregated from other staffs. Some piece of furniture are more delicate than others, make sure bubble wraps are used when moving them to prevent damage. Again, Randburg Office furniture removal services will be able to assist in this regard.


Notify all your customers, business partners and associates, service providers – everyone who has one thing or other to do with your business of your intention to move to a new location. This could be done several weeks in advance so they will be prepared as any correspondence will be forwarded to your new address. This can be done by including a small sticker to every letter that goes out of the company a month or two prior to the move.

Secretaries and receptionist of the company should also be trained to inform all callers about the impending movement and the time it is going to happen so as to forestall disappointing customers, would-be customers, business partners etc.

 Hiring relocation specialist or company

If you have done your pre-planning and also notify all your customers and business associates but hire the wrong furniture relocation company, it can still turn out to be the worst nightmare you will ever want to go through.

Reviewing and hiring a relocation specialist should not be relegated to the bottom of your list. Relocation specialists, like Office Furniture Removals in Randburg Johannesburg are people that have ample experience in helping businesses move to new office apartment with minimal stress on the employer and employees.

They are knowledgeable about the relocation industry and what needs to be done to ensure a swift move, and they can guide you in the movement of office furniture and materials and the legal aspects of corporate back loading.

They can also advise you on small details you forgot to take into consideration as it is what they have been doing all their lives. To choose a good relocation should not be hard as you can make inquiries from some of their past customers or from some businesses that were once in your shoes. By hiring a good relocation company or specialist in Randburg, you can be sure your movement will be as efficient as possible and less traumatic. Remember to always give the company a tip or bonus if they do a good job.

Visit Careful Movers for all your residential and commercial furniture removals.

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