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post-title Is DSTV Worth Your Money

Is DSTV Worth Your Money

Is DSTV Worth Your Money

Is DSTV Worth Your Money

DSTV Installations: Is DSTV Worth Your Money?

There’s always a debate every single time when it comes to DSTV . . . especially when the price increases, which unfortunately happens every single year, around April.

There seems to be a debate every time it happens, with subscribers complaining that the prices are too expensive. DSTV Premium costs a whopping R789 pm as of April 2017, with Compact costing R345. People are always eager to point out that with the many movie and program repeats, DSTV should not be increasing their prices like they do, and the service shouldn’t cost as much.

And yes, I actually agree, that the service is expensive. However, when I think of Channels TLC,  171, Vuzu and Mzansi Magic, at times I do feel the prices are justified.

And I guess,most guys would include the Supersport channel, as a great reason to stay connected to DSTV.

At some point, there was even talk of subscribers choosing their own channels, which would have been great. But it was shut down by DSTV, saying that it would complicate the system and place too much strain on the system and their satellites.

Besides the technical challenges, this would heavily affect the pricing for the service, as a result, it was not an idea that DSTV would even entertain.

At the end of the day, the question of whether DSTV is worth your money can only be answered by you. It’s all about preference, and what programmes you are willing to go without.

As for me right now, I had to go on a DSTV fast, because I found it was taking a lot away from my work, because let’s face it, some channels are just too awesome, like 171.

All in all, having DSTV is great, there’s definitely better programs than those found on the SABC.

If you are looking to join the any South Africans that subscribe to DSTV, then DSTV Installers in Johannesburg is the site to get sorted out. If you live in Durban, try www.dstvdurban.co.za and www.pretoriadstv.co.za if you live in Pretoria.



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