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All posts by epykhome

The 8 Steps to Choosing a Color Palette for Your Home

Choosing a Color Palette for Your Home Colors are very important in every aspect of life. They add meaning through their vivid and bright properties that are reflected when one uses their incorporated themes in their items, accessories or even their homes. This is why people take careful considerations while choosing a color theme for […]

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Décor and Care Tips for White Interiors

Décor and Care Tips for White Interiors Few of us realize the significance white interior decorating tips. It is a famous fact that a best home is the mixture of the right plan, excellent decorated interiors and carefully managed exteriors. It is not just cheap but also everlasting with a quite bit of care and […]

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4 Ways To Add Expensive Finishes On A Limited Budget

Expensive Home Finishes On A Limited Budget To getting that envious extraordinary finished look in a home, every home owner who wants the best usually feels frustrated when working on a budget. However even with this hurdle to work with, acquiring a few designer tricks to help in the process can come in handy to […]

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6 tips for decorating your living room

Who doesn’t love open, airy spaces with clean lines and comfortable, contemporary designs? If you are not currently enjoying this in your living room, this is a good place to begin changing it around! Keep these 6 tips for decorating your living room and freshen your living room’s old style for a room : 1) […]

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5 Easy Steps To Have A Hotel Style Bathroom

How to Have A Hotel Style Bathroom The bathroom is one of the most visited parts of the house, it is also become an important part of our daily life. So, if I were going to ask you, how do you want your bathroom to look like? You may probably ask the ways to create […]

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Top 4 sofa designs for 2016

The new year is around the corner and for those who would like to have a beautiful sofa or just a living room make over, this is the best place for you because we are going to look at the top 4 sofa design trends for 2016. Before going into details about the top 4 […]

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Ways To Style A White Sofa

A living room must be designed in such a way that it is comfortable for each and every member of the family. This is so because in many homes a living room is the only place in the house that all members of the family gather for a variety of activities. It must also be […]

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