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All posts by epykhome

Kitchen Remodelling in Johannesburg

Kitchen Remodelling and Renovation in Johannesburg The kitchen for most people, is the center of the home,or as many would say, the “heart of the home”. As a result you want a home that will make you want to spend time there, cooking great meal, so it has to look great. But it also needs to […]

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8 Amazing and Luxury Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas As someone who loves to cook and being in the kitchen, I can honestly say that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I get to appreciate a lot of beautiful kitchen designs, when given the opportunity. For some families, the meals they have happen in the kitchen. […]

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10 Modern Floor Lamp Ideas for Your Living Room

Floor Lamp Ideas for Living Room If you are looking for a way to spice up your living room, a simple and great way to do it is to use floor lamps. There are floor lamp ideas that you can use that will transform your space, and whether you are looking to brighten up your space […]

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3 DIY Ideas For Extra Cupboard And Closet Space

DIY Ideas For Extra Cupboard Space When your cupboard space is minimal its best to find new and creative ways to store your things. This extra cupboard space is important to help manage all of your things. Sometimes there’s a lot to handle, so here’s three DIY ideas to max out that cupboard space. Give […]

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5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home

Ways to Refresh Your Home Whether your home is ten years old, or one hundred years old, your house can still look great. Depending on your extent of modernizing, renovating can be an easy job. Your house can be modernized for aesthetic or cosmetic touches. These touches can be ones in which only what you […]

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Clever Décor Tips for a Small Bathroom

Decor Tips for a Small Bathroom The bathroom is a unique place for the home for personal hygiene. A bathroom is a personal area to address all the general needs of the occupant. The way your bathroom looks reflects your personal style and taste as well as your needs. A little bathroom can benefit a lot from […]

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Top 9 Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

Top 9 Benefits of Using Artificial Grass for Your Home or Surroundings Artificial grass is a really great solution for many people who want to enjoy this pleasure in no time at all. There are lots of benefits of artificial grass as well. These are given as follows: Low Maintenance In comparison to real lawns, […]

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7 Most Common Lawn Problems and Their Solutions

7 Most Common Lawn Problems That You Can Experience and Their Solutions Having a lawn is a very versatile beauty and pleasure option. There are lots of ways in which a garden can help you stay good and feel good too. This is why the maintenance of a lawn is very important and if you […]

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4 Landscaping Solutions for Small Spaces

Landscaping Solutions for Spaces That are Small Any modification which is done to the visible features of a land to beautify, decorate or even simplify it is called landscaping in terms of home décor. Landscaping is a mixture of horticulture and artistic designs. A mixture of these 2 aspects can create a visible marvel at your […]

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5 Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring in South Africa When you decide to install the floor of your home, you have several options to choose from. Vinyl flooring is one of these options and there are many reasons why it is an ideal choice. It is especially a great choice for flooring wet areas like the bathroom. It is […]

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