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All posts by epykhome

Wooden Shutters in Johannesburg

Benefits of Wooden Shutters for Your Home Wooden shutters, or Solid Basswood shutters are a beautiful addition to your home. Environmentally, they are one of the best alternatives compared to curtains, as they are able to retain warmth during the winter months when the temperatures get super low. They are also great for the summer, […]

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Why You Should Buy Wood Laminated Flooring

Why You Should Buy Wood Laminated Flooring Wood laminated flooring has been quite a popular option for many homeowners nowadays, but have you ever paused to wonder why? If so, here are some of the most common reasons homeowners have developed quite the liking for this type of flooring. Affordability Everyone would love to have […]

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Ideal Places for Laminated Floors in Your Home

Ideal Places for Laminated Floors If you are in the process of having your home built – or rebuilt – then you might want to consider this list of ideal places for laminated floors in house plans. Living Room The living room has one of the heaviest foot traffic patterns in your house. As such, […]

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9 Tips That Will Help You Choose The Right Roofing Contractor

How to Choose The Right Roofing Contractor Repairing and replacing roofs due to different varied natural causes is very common and a very routine part of life. This can be due to extreme weather like windstorms etc or due to normal degrading exposure throughout time as well. Whatever the case is, if you are going to […]

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3 Important Tips On Choosing A Roof For Your Home

Choosing A Roof For Your Home A good roof is very important for your home. It determines the time as to how long your home shall last… There are many types of wood and many styles that can be adapted for roofing. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence the things that […]

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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring The Roofing Company Roofs are a very important part of one’s house that are often waited until they are no longer to carry all the burden on them at all. While this is not a good practice, you should consider servicing your roof before the immediate time comes. […]

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Why Aluminium Windows and Doors are Great

4 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Windows and Doors Aluminium windows and doors are the craze right now for home owners, and their popularity is spilling to the commercial properties as well. If you are a home or building owner, and you are interested in upgrading the look of your home to make it more secure […]

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How to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

Keeping Warm in Winter Tips It’s cold . . . and being an August baby that was born in warm Limpopo, winter and I just don’t get along. The cold weather looks like it will be here for a while longer, so here are some tips to keep your home a little warmer. Heater The […]

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Is DSTV Worth Your Money

DSTV Installations: Is DSTV Worth Your Money? There’s always a debate every single time when it comes to DSTV . . . especially when the price increases, which unfortunately happens every single year, around April. There seems to be a debate every time it happens, with subscribers complaining that the prices are too expensive. DSTV […]

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Kitchen Renovations Johannesburg

Kitchen Renovations Tips for Your Kitchen Remodelling Project Kitchen in the home are often that place where you can relax and cook a great meal for you and you family. I would say the kitchen is the center of the home, primarily because it brings everyone together in one central spot. Kitchen renovations can be costly […]

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